It all started in 1983, when two college roommates from Michigan State University, Dave and Mike, thought of creating a wing place that sold the best wings. Dave and Mike started from humble beginnings by purchasing a small shop on O Street in Georgetown. They first started selling wings, but the store had no name. After they talked about what the name of this new restaurant would be, the two of them both agreed on the name Wingo’s. They wanted to create Wingo’s to bring customers the satisfaction that they deserved. Wingo’s is a family run business. Everyone that is related to Mike, helps him out in some ways even if they live far away.

Today, Wingo’s is a roaring success that brings many customers in daily and sells thousands of wings every day. Wingo’s is not just known to regular people like you and me, it was known to former President Bush. Mike had to deliver to the White House one day so the Secret Service and the President could chow down on some delicious varieties of wings. Wingo’s still sits in its little spot on O Street and Mike still runs the business with help from his trustworthy staff that can make your day brighter. They greet you with a smile and all say together when you come in, “Welcome to Wingo’s”. As it says on the shirts of the people that work at Wingo’s, Ain’t No Thing Like A Wingo’s Wing.